Indulge your sweet tooth with any one or more of our delicious desserts.


CHOCOLATE ALMOND TORTE                                                   7
Marcona almond crust, bittersweet chocolate, whipped cream, salted Marcona almond brittle add gelato 2

GELATO & SORBET GF                                                                  4
Please consult your server for seasonal selections

LIMONCELLO BRIOCHE BREAD PUDDING                             7
Limoncello caramel, candied lemon, vanilla bean gelato

AFFOGATO GF                                                                                6
Choice of gelato, topped with espresso

COFFEE CRÈME CARAMEL GF                                                     6
Baked coffee custard, candied hazelnut short bread

CHOCOLATE TRES LECHES CAKE                                              7
Dark chocolate cake, rum infused three milk sauce, caramel flan, sherry glazed raspberries

SPANISH “TOAST”                                                                         6
Fried cereal crusted custard bread, house-made strawberry-guava jam

S’MORES D’ OVINTÉ                                                                     6
Graham cracker dipped in dark chocolate, sea salt, toasted marshmallow